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peg loom weaving, textile design

The peg loom is really versatile and a great way to use of bits of yarns left-over from other work. This image from the book shows how different sized pegs produce different textures

felt bag

Felt Making is like "Painting with Fibres!" The book is about the process of wet felting, building layers of wool fibres then working with hot, soapy water to shrink and felt the fibres. Start with the basic process then move on to bigger projects like jackets.

POWs, WWII, prisoners of war in Japan

Prisoners of War held in Japan and the Far East during WWII are often referred to as the Forgotten POWs as the war ended in May in Europe (VE Day) but was still going on in the Far East until August (VJ Day). The book is a homage to my father and all the others who suffered during and after the war.

If you fancy doing a long-distance trek and love Wales, this is the perfect choice! The map shows the route I walked, with my Aunt Jenni, 136 miles in 15 days. Average 8-10 miles a day, the longest days were 12 miles. What an adventure - why not try it for yourself? Walking Wales: the art lover's guide to Wye Valley Way

Risk Management books

This book is based on my PhD studies - H&S and Risks in business, especially smaller firms that do not have the expertise in-house. Lots of charts to guide you through the process. The 10 Ps are 10 basic principles or elements of managing risks - they are grouped together to make it easier to remember!

 You can download the charts, free, on the Additional Resources page order via the Amazon UK link.

If you want to see more titles available,  see  for more information.

If you are looking for books on arts and crafts, walking and travel, military history, or small businesses, these are the  TITLES AVAILABLE

Lots of books currently in print, covering many different areas of interest, so hope you can find one that appeals to you! 

walking Wales, Wye Valley, NLW,

Walking Wales: The Art Lover's Guide to Wye Valley WAy

136 miles over 15 days, this is the journal following my walk with extra images of old paintings of places along the route

See the Book page for more details

POWs, WWII, Hiroshima, military history

Before Hiroshima: Forgotten Prisoners of War in Japan, Burma and the Far East

Stories from those who were held captive in the Far East during WWII, their families who waited for them, letters and articles from around the world 

See the Book Page for more details

risk management, small firms, 10 principles, Brexit

10 Ps Managing Risks Post-Brexit

This is a revision of my original book published in 2002. It gives a structured approach to managing the range of risks your business might face. Lots of charts and examples see Book Page for more details

and Additional Resources for charts

textile design, craft books, weaving, peg looms

Peg Loom Weaving: All you need to know to get started

This was originally published in 2012 and is still the only definitive book on the basics of peg loom weaving. Spiral bound lie flat with images on every page.

See the Book Page for more details

textile design, craft books, felt making

Felt Making: All you need to know to get started

This is a companion book to the Peg Loom Weaving one (above), in same format and spiral bound to lie flat. Full colour images on every page. No special equipment needed to make beautiful pieces of felt.

See Book Page for more details

(US spelling)

Published February 2021

Exciting new project for New York Publisher that looks at the mature travel market and strategies that providers need to consider 

art books, photobook, art resource

Art Resource books of photographs

One of  a series of small Art Resource books with collections of my photographs on different themes.

This one is Reflections - a Distorted Reality.

See Book Page for more details

There are 4 books in the series - go to to see all the titles and order direct from them.

art books, art resource, photobook

Art Resource books of photographs

A series of small Art Resource books with collections of my photographs on different themes. This one is Inspiring Doors - a collection of less-than-perfect doors that are perfect to sketch or paint.

See Book Page for more details

Another title is Through a Window - always fascinating for the partial view you get as well as the surrounding frame.

See Book Page for more details

art books, photobook, art resources

New title: Before Hiroshima

The latest version of the book about WWII and Far East Prisoners of War Before Hiroshima has just been published by Chiselbury Publishing. See the link below to order direct on Amazon UK 

See Book Page for more details

What our customers are saying

Received copy of "Before Hiroshima" and know that 

"anyone in China would be more than interested to publish your book so we just need to spread the word" 

Ranvir - Hong Kong

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