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Here are some examples of my arty-crafty work

4 more of my 31 Days' sketches

Preparing collage image for covers of a small book (on a course with Carole at Nant Designs)

The finished little fold-out book with tie ribbon. I love the combination of photographs of trees and close-up of fencing.

My stencil "Sunbathers" on Aberaeron rocks, potting compost that actually kept its shape for a week

Detail of one of the Sketch Books I have made on a local course. Very satisfying but I am wary of actually using it

Detail from one of the felt bags featured in the latest Felt Making book. It was a commissioned piece in colours chosen by client

2 different types of print plates ready to use on one large piece of paper

The same wood cut plate as the previous one, this time called "Golden Haze", plus gold leaf, so very different effect

Detail from the large felt piece "Coast" currently hanging on the dining-room wall

Framed etching "Gossamer Haze" as exhibited at MOMA Wales

woodblock print - very small - called "Moonlight". The moon was actually a happy accident as it was where there was a hole in the press plate!

This is my original logo for Pen Coed Textiles - a fabric collage with moon in background and reflections in the pool at the bottom

A different collage part of land art. Called "3 miles in 30 days", it is a collection of bits collected from the roadside on 3 mile stretch between Llwyncelin and Aberaeron over 30 days

There are lots of online courses to try, but  do like the site. October is Sketching Month apparently, so I thought it was time to get back into the habit of regularly sketching and joined up. There is a prize draw at the end if you submit an image every day, but as I am unlikely to actually win anything, this is just for me. 31 Days 31 Drawings  

After a hesitant start, I soon got back into using my favourite pen and ink wash with some watercolour added. Even better, I decided to work through my photobook "Inspiring Doors" which is intended to be an Art resource . Here are a few examples so far, all of them drawn in my hand-made sketch book. See lots of images on their site #DMSTK31dias31dibujos 

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