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Have Bag, Will Travel!

The new project for 2024 until 2025, this is the story of our travels now that my husband, Leslie, has a stoma bag. It will follow us as we try out different forms of transport to continue to enjoy travelling in the UK and beyond. How hard can it be?! Will it present problems we haven't yet thought of or will it be a breeze? 

Follow us on our journey - there will be regular updates on this page and I will start an Instagram page, plus a spot in a new Monthly Newsletter. Join up on the Contact Us page or email me for more information 

About the book

In February 2024, Leslie had a colostomy operation and now has a stoma/ bag. He had been ill for a while, lost a lot of weight, so is quite frail though getting stronger.

We need to find out which forms of travel work for us so will be trying different options during the coming year. There is an article with a bit more detail on Silver Marketing Association website

* In May we travelled to Llandudno in North Wales (we live in West Wales) for a 3 night break. The journey there involved 4 buses - well, 5 in the end as we missed one connection! With a planned stop part way for lunch, it did work well - but I will be uploading the full story over the next week as we then had to travel back on an extended journey all the way to South Wales.

* Just off to Germany now for a 3 day break, with a stopover in London the day before and after. This time, by train - Eurostar from St Pancras to Brussels > train from there to Koln (Cologne) > train on to Hannover. We have booked Passenger Assistance for all the connections so it will be interesting to see if they all work as planned! 

We need to try a river cruise, which we think should work as we have done one before, and later in the year we will try a flight to Malta - possibly...

Look out for updates





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