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10 Ps of Managing Risks Post-Brexit:

10 Basic Principles

ISBN: 9780992-6-1008-1

Aim of the book

10 Ps of Managing Risks Post-Brexit: 10 Basic Principles

Since 2000, the total number of small businesses has grown to around 5.5 million and in the USA, this figure is around 22 million self-employed individuals with no employees, 52% being home-based. This phenomenal change has been accompanied by the rapid growth in the use of telecommunications, the internet, part-time and temporary employment contracts, and the use of home-working throughout the world. This is even more prominent now as we try to deal with the impact of a global pandemic.

Despite greater emphasis on recognizing the needs of small firms, there is still considerable pressure to demonstrate to others that they are managing business risks satisfactorily. 

This is still the case whether you want to trade with partners inside or outside the EU. There are many International Standards in place that are recognized across continents, and ongoing development of new trading partners worldwide, so it is even more critical now to take a positive step in managing risks.

This guide helps you to establish a system to identify, reduce and control risks in your own company whatever its size. It includes charts and diagrams to help you - email to get a set of charts as Word documents or pdf whichever is better for you. 

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The Blue Tower shown on the cover of the book is a well-known landmark in Malta. If you look closely, you can see the team of window cleaners half-way down the front of the building - that's what I call Managing Risks!

risk assessment site plan

A typical small business site plan - it doesn't need to be a fancy version, just a diagram that makes you focus on all areas of the business. 

risk management, health & safety, 10 Ps, Brexit, business books

A tree surgeon who clearly takes risk management seriously!

Why this book now?

The original version of the 10 Ps approach to Risk Management was published in 2002. It is still very popular, and sections are copied, so there is obviously still a need for this type of guidance. 

But, for very small firms, my earlier book - Practical Health & Safety Management for Small Businesses (published in 2000) has now been updated and is with my New York publisher ready for publication early 2022. 

Look out for news of the release date!

Let me know if you would like to pre-order a copy.


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