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Walking Wales: The Art Lover's Guide to Wye Valley Way

ISBN: 978-0-9926100-3-6 £15.00

A New Year's Resolution

There is always a specific point at which a vague idea becomes a reality. For us, this was New Year’s Day after enjoying a great night out – the perfect time for New Year’s resolutions naturally.

The challenge of committing yourself to 15 days walking over very mixed terrain as two old ladies over 60 is significant, of course, and the amount of organizing needed to make it work should not be under-estimated. But, I love a challenge!

There are lots of questions to consider – did our partners want to do it with us (a resounding no), when is the best time of year, and basically are we fit enough to complete the walk? Still at the heady, excited stage of “what a great idea!”, we agreed that we were up to the challenge.

Although this book is personal to us as we follow the Wye Valley Way, the planning stages are relevant to anyone wanting to organise their own challenge. It is clearly not the book you drag around with you while walking 136 miles as the official Wye Valley Walk Route Guide is THE one to refer to along the way, either as a hard-back book or on a mobile device.

In any event, it is hoped that this “Walking Wales: the Art Lover’s Guide to Wye Valley Way” will inspire you to visit these places, see them from an artist’s viewpoint, and maybe take on the challenge of 15 days walking for yourself.

Also available as an E-Book (£5.00) via KDP Amazon UK - use the same link opposite >


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Wye Valley, walking Wales, visit Wales

At the end of the Wye Valley Way, Day 15, after 136 miles. 

That's me on the right, with Jenni, at the official marker for the end of the trail at Plynlimon in Wales

The official Guide to the Wye Valley Way is the best one I have seen, very detailed and THE one to take with you. Relevant sections of an Ordnance Survey map are also very useful, especially if you have to take a detour (bulls in fields, paths closed off etc)

Many thanks to National Library of Wales for permission to include images from their collections.

This book is one of a series on "Walking Wales", the next on the Severn Way

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