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Inspiring Doors - An Art Resource Book

A set of my photographs of fascinating doors. OK, they may not look much, but as a resource for anyone interested in sketching, painting, textiles and photography, there are lots of dimensions to each image.

The books are hi-gloss 17cms by 17cms, available directly from BLURB online, print on demand or as pdf 

ISBN: 978-1-99-983520-0 

Reflections: A Distorted Reality - An Art Resource Book

I have always been fascinated by the colours, shapes and patterns of the reflected image, particularly on glass-fronted buildings.

These photographs are from my travels, but also include those closer to home.

Again, they are intended to inspire the artist with an eye for the abstract. Books are hi-gloss 17cms by 17cms from BLURB online ISBN: 978-1-99-983525-5

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Through a Window - An Art Resource Book

As you can see by now, I am fascinated by architectural features and their value as an inspiration for an artist in whichever medium you prefer. 

Images seen through windows, or some sort of frame, are always intriguing as they already set out your composition and structure, and the frame itself is often as beautiful as the view.

The Natural World - An Art resource book

I am sure you can see that the author name for this one is my husband, Leslie. We are both keen photographers, but he always seems to capture the close-up views better than I can - obviously he has better camera facilities....

This is a stunning selection of photographs of butterflies and flowers from our travels, and a fascinating resource for artists, so clearly it should be included in the Art Resource collection.

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