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        Here is information on all my books and writing projects - of which there are many and some even finished!                       

News and Press information

Keeping you up-to-date with all my projects and where you can maybe join in

 2020-21 has been a very productive time despite the various forms of lockdown and cancelled holidays! There are always new things to learn even if you have been working in a medium like watercolour for a long time, so the latest art courses have been great. 

The 'Watercolour with Japanese influence' was very interesting, and once I started it, I remembered a short children's story I had written some time ago - Princess Kiku with a definite attitude, 12 inch soles on her shoes she can hardly stand up in, and a perfect example of Japanese style clothing.  

Maybe I will get round to writing and illustrating it as a little story book sometime.... 

I have been working on "Write your Memoirs" and "Autobiographical Writing" courses with Aberystwyth University. Only short courses but they did make me focus on how I would write my own memoir - actually, I think it would have to be 3 memoirs.

The Narrow Door - a Babyboomer growing up in post-war Birmingham

The Closed Door - 10 year abusive 'marriage from hell'! Then escape

The Open Door - starting again, children growing up, new husband -student - entrepreneur - public speaker - author.


Who knows? Maybe in 2022!

I have lots more Guest Blogs in the pipeline so look out for details and links in the next Newsletter.

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 Latest News

September 2021

There is a regular Newsletter from Pen Coed Publishing, including a featured book and author. Sign up using their Contact form to make sure you receive it direct to your email inbox. They are also offering the chance to get a free copy of a book each month, plus special Order offer - £5 off each title if you order directly from them as publisher!

The regular Writing Notes Newsletter is going well, around the beginning of the month, including Reviews on Travel, the Arts, Tips on Writing Non-Fiction, and information on courses available. Sign up for the next one using the Contact form and let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to feature. 

Note they are different Newsletters for my site and for the Pen Coed Publishing site so you can sign up for both!

Targeting the mature traveler

New book released

Release date: Spring 2021

Targeting the Mature Traveler: Developing Strategies for an Emerging Market

Dr Jacqueline Jeynes

Definitely excited as the latest book is now released by the publisher in New York - should have been in the Autumn of 2020 but now February 2021. I love the cover!

Business Expert Press (BEP) distributes to Universities in America as well as through the usual book sales channels internationally. I have been collating details of contacts, Universities that offer Tourism or Marketing degrees, and the Travel industry Press to make sure they are included in BEP's marketing activities.

More information in the Newsletter and social media posts, but let me know if you know of any organisation that would be interested in seeing details of the book. Follow the link above to see a short preview of the book and to order from the publisher.

Email me or use the Contact form

The Davies Sisters' Art Collection

A couple of years ago, I presented the Public Lecture at the Old College in Aberystwyth talking about the Davies sisters, Gwendoline and Margaret Davies from Llandinam, Powys.

They were remarkable young women, millionaires in their own right, who wanted to ensure the people of Wales had access to the arts. 

They were responsible for a fantastic collection of 'Modern' art when the art world was not yet ready for their new approaches to painting and sculpture at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century. 

You can see the collections in the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff, the National Library of Wales and University School of Art in Aberystwyth.

Have a look at the slide show on Additional Resources page - I am sure you will recognise many of the works they bought and donated to the people of Wales!

Distance Learning Art History courses

Aberystwyth University - Lifelong Learning

You can can now enrol for all their distance learning modules at the Aberystwyth University Online Shop.

 Maybe this is the perfect time to think about enrolling to get the  new academic year off to a flying start!  

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